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World Environment Day

Festivalcast – Waterloo Festival Podcast
Episode 6: World Environment Day – Is a local and global green recovery possible?


As the UK and other countries contemplate easing coronavirus-related movement restrictions, important questions remain about how exactly society can recover justly and sustainably. How do we take care of our health, well-being and livelihoods in response to the twin crises of the climate emergency and Covid-19? How do we ensure that the most vulnerable members of our communities do not get punished even more by the inequalities that pre-dated and exacerbated the pandemic? And can local actions in Waterloo actually make a global difference? Our special Festivalcast for World Environment Day explores these questions in a conversation between Shanon Shah, Coordinator of Faith for the Climate, and Harriet Lamb, CEO of Ashden.


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Show Notes and Resources:


Cities Toolkit  – for local authorities who have declared a climate emergency, this is packed full of concrete examples of what can be done.

Repowering – community energy group based in Brixton.

31 Actions – check out the impact of different actions local authorities can take. Launched in Lambeth earlier this year, this is a handy tool to understand actions on the climate.

LESS CO2 and Tommy the Tooth – find out about Ashden’s current support for schools to reduce their carbon footprint. And keep a look out for our upcoming #SchoolsCommit campaign

Delivering a green recovery in our city regions– Read our recent blog about how we can be sure that it’s a green recovery from COVID19.