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Morley Heart Gardens Podcast

Tayshan Hayden-Smith

Morley Heart Gardens Podcast

Episode 1: Tayshan Hayden Smith


Gardens play a crucial role in people’s lives and wellbeing and in recent years there has been an upsurge in the greening of urban spaces. In this podcast, recorded at the Morley Heart Gardens in North Kensington Centre, we take a look at how gardening and green space can have a positive impact on mental and physical health and communities as a whole. We talk to those who design, maintain and ultimately benefit from these city sanctuaries, whilst also challenging the perceptions of who can be involved in gardening.


This episode is a reunion of sorts! Craig Hanlon-Smith and Hannah Jones are joined by Tayshan Hayden-Smith. Craig first interviewed Tayshan back in June for Morley Radio where they discussed how the experience of the Grenfell tragedy motivated him to get into gardening. Hannah also worked with Tayshan in the creation of the Morley Heart Gardens at the North Kensington Centre. Craig and Hannah meet Tayshan once more to talk about working on the project, what he is doing now, and a few tips for what you should be doing in your own garden!